Farm Tours

Experience the contrast of new and old ways of farming, and learn about the secret methods used by the farmers to grow their vegetables. Book a tour now to discover more about Kok Fah Technology Farm and spread the words to keep farming industry alive in Singapore.

We welcome everyone of all ages, to come and see the whole new world Agriculture has to offer. Reap the rewards, literally, and learn to busk in the sun after a hard day’s work. Farming has never been more interesting as it is now, so educates yourself by learning the practices used by these modern farmers.

Our Guided Farm Tours

Standard farm tour:
Showcase Greenhouse

Note to teachers: Contact us for full itinerary.

You will experience first-hand,

√ How Farmers carry out day-to-day like Transplanting (suitable for under 8 years old) & Harvesting.

√ Learn on how farmers understand their crops, and which nutrients make them grow strong and healthy.

√ Learn about different vegetable species & Taste of raw Freshness of Salad Greens straight from the Greenhouse. (Salad making for preschooler)

√ Learn about the pros and cons of different hydroponic and soilless culture systems (Ebb and Flow, NFT, DFT, DRF, and Drip Irrigation).

Book now and experience the latest agriculture technology used in the Greenhouse.


Add-on package:
Traditional Soil Farming (Production Tour)

Feel that Hydroponic is not enough? In this add-on farm tour, you will be able to experience the contrast, 

√ The pre-harvesting stage where you will get to see the Automated Seeding System, Nursery, and Transplanting.

√ The Cultivation Area where the Vegetable Plot Greenhouses are at and, 

√ Ending the tour with learning how the Cold Chain System helps in preserving the quality of the vegetables. 

Contact us to know more information on the add-on package.

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From vegetables to fruits, families from all over the island come here each week with their children to pick up weekend green groceries.

Monday – Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm
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