The Composting System is a revolutionary industrial machine that helps farmers produce mass amounts of high grade compost, needed for crop preparation (Soil bedding) in a very short time period.

Traditional composting methods usually takes much longer for compost to reach ideal conditions & requires a lot of manual work. Whereas this new method allows large quantities of quality compost to be churned out more quickly, and has a superior quality mix compared with traditional made compost. This system is also fully-automated, which reduces manpower costs, making workers more efficient in the process.

The food industry, together with AVA and SPRING Singapore, has jointly developed a new Singapore Standard (SS) for the cold chain management of vegetables. The introduction of this SS follows industry feedback as well as updates from new references and procedures adopted as best practices regionally.

For production, our Automated Packing Machine is custom build for packing leafy vegetables of different shapes and sizes, without damaging the delicate leaves of the produce in the process.

In order to maintain high levels of hygiene of the vegetables, the packets are sealed in the process, in order to retain its freshness over longer periods, making it more sustainable than its competitors.

KFTF has also implemented a Cold Chain System, a temperature-controlled supply chain, to further certify the freshness of its products. This unbroken cold chain is a series of storage and distribution, uninterrupted process that’s maintains a consistent temperature range for its products. Its seamless process keeps the product cool, from the starting point of production, to the end of production and onto logistics.

This secure perimeter of the cold chain system is vitally important for hygienically preserving the freshness, safety, shelf life, and above all maintaining the quality of unpreserved vegetables (including nutritional value and sensory characteristics), reducing wastage or spoilage in the supply chain.