Weekend Market

From vegetables to fruits, families from all over the island come here each week with their children to pick up weekend green groceries. Famous Asian, leafy green vegetables choices include Choy Sum, Kai Lan, Kang Kong, Spinach, Bok Choy are all available each week and are hot favourites amongst our patrons.

Opened since 2000, Kok Fah’s Weekend Market has hosted large crowds from RC’s to Schools, families and social groups, everyone that comes down for a varieties of fresh local produce, harvested and prepared just hours before opening its doors to the public. 

A buzzling spectacle every weekend, Kok Fah’s Weekend Market also serves up Aloe Vera drinks, which is an in-house product made right here in the farm. It is fresh and a popular household treat patrons always ask about when visiting Kok Fah. There are a few variations to choose from – namely Aloe Vera Ice Jelly, Mango Jelly and of course the Aloe Vera drink itself. Weekend Market is opened on Saturday – Sunday, Public Holiday; 9 am to 5 pm.

Farm Tours

Step into our Hydroponics Greenhouse, it features the latest agriculture technology, growing vegetables using only nutrient water without the need for soil.

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